What Are The Best 12 Dog Food Brands On A Budget You Can Find?

Like any other animal, dogs also need to eat and have a balanced diet. Getting a balanced diet for your dog is hard and there are so many rules which apply. You need to include vegetables, bones, proteins and biscuits as well in the dog diet. Finding such foods with a tight budget is hard and that’s why you need a good brand for the job. Below are the best 12 dog food brands found in the market out there.

1) Victor Dog Food Brand

Away from proteins and bones, you dog needs minerals and vitamins for the body to function well. The Victor dog food brand has made foods rich in omega oils and probiotics which help boost the health of the dog.

2) The Iams Veterminary Formula Dog Food Brand

When it comes to sicknesses, dogs also contract diabetes. To help prevent and control the condition, this brand has made food with ingredient for the particular purpose.

3) The Hill’s Science Diet Food Brand

Although dogs are animals, their stomachs tend to get sensitive and choosy. A slight change of diet goes south and the dog can’t eat. Introducing the brands special diet for the dog does wonders. In the ingredients, there includes fiber and antioxidants. This also comes with a top Yorkie brush that could be used for a small dog also.

4) The Nutro Ultra Dog Food Brand

If your dog has allergies for red meat, Nutro should work for them. The meal is made from white meat like chicken and salmon which is suitable in such cases.

5) The Primal Meat Dog Brand

If you really want your dog to get excited, get this freeze dried meal and you can enjoy seeing the dog munching the food. The primal meat dog brand is very famous across the globe but is very pricey

6) The Acana Dog Food Brand

When you have a small puppy, get this packet of dog food and try it. The meal is packed with a lot of proteins and minerals for a steady growth of the pup.

7) The Fromm Dog Food Brand

Dogs need protein to grow and stay healthy and Fromm comes in handy here. The Fromm meal contains quails, ducks and pheasants which is a good protein source.

8) The Nature’s Variety Dog Food Brand

Dry food is what some dogs want and if you hadn’t introduced the meal type, try the Nature’s variety brand. Their meal is freeze dried and option many dogs like.

9) The Natural Balance Dog Food Brand

If your dog is prone to allergies try natural balance which contains special ingredients like brown rice and lamb. This makes it suitable for dogs with selected food allergies.

10) The Wellness Natural Pet Food Brand

If your dog is experiencing dental problems, try feeding it with wellness pet food. The meal is soft and has quality ingredients for healing of dental problems.

11) The Pedigree Dog Food Brand

The pedigree brand will also work for sensitive dog stomachs. This works especially for constipation and indigestion which is sometimes prevalent in dogs.

12) The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Brand

For a puppy, there is need to buy quality foods. The honest kitchen meal is meant for human consumption so the assumption is, it is good for your puppy.


A good dog food brand is important and it means you have to get out of your way to get a good brand. Try some of the listed best 12 dog food brands on a budget.

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