Is It Ok To Pay For School Assignments?

Doing a school assignment probably is not fun when you can do a hundred other things that any student will like to do. The debate about whether giving homework to students remains. But here the question is whether it is okay to get someone else to do your school assignments? Is it okay to get it done by a professional service and paying for it?

Let us see the ethical side first. Is it ethical for these sites to write an essay for students who are supposed to do it themselves? They are doing something they shouldn’t be doing just for earning money. Students are given this homework for them to improve on what they have learned in the classroom. Only when they do it again at home will they really be thorough in it. Is it right to deny them this opportunity? Students, out of their immaturity may ask someone else to do it. But the people who do it should refrain from it. Will they allow their children to get someone else to do the homework?

Another problem with this is that the people who do it really don’t know much about it. They just go to the internet and collect what they can and write the essays. There could be plagiarism issues. Secondly, they may not have researched enough. Another thing to look at is the quality of work. You cannot be sure of the quality of the work done. There have been many cases of poor grades because of this. Poor English is another complaint. Students have also complained of missing the due date of submission of assignments as not all these sites keep up their commitment to prompt delivery.

From the students’ angle, they are losing a great opportunity to get deep into what they have learned from the class. Writing an essay or assignment is an opportunity to do a little research on the subject and broaden your knowledge. Don’t lose it. You will never get the time or opportunity like this after you have started working.

If you are not interested in doing this work now, how can you expect to work at the office? What about the discipline? Is it possible that these students will also get someone else to do the job when they grow up? They may get the marks, but will they be knowledgeable about the subjects?

Looking from any angle, it is not right to get our assignments done by others, whether for pay or for free.

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